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Our Mission

It is the mission of The Mercy Warehouse to provide food for those in need through the sale of donated goods. We are uniquely able to leverage valuable community and corporate relationships, causing every dollar that we earn in our thrift store to stretch into large quantities of high-quality groceries. We currently feed over 1,000 people every week through our local food bank in Laguna Niguel, our weekly homeless outreaches into Santa Ana and Los Angeles, and through our sponsorship of three orphanages in Tiajuana, Mexico.

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We are a volunteer-run organization. Many members of our community give countless hours every week towards seeing the mission of The Mercy Warehouse fulfilled.



We use the profits from those sales to purchase food for needy families both in our own area and abroad. Through this process we are able to provide food for over 1000 people weekly.


The Mercy Warehouse takes in tax-deductible donations of unwanted goods, clothing, and furniture. We then sort and store them in our 20,000 square-foot facility. Our thrift store is open for sales every day.

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and local families like yours!

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"Because of the relationships the Mercy Warehouse has been able to cultivate with local grocers, they are able to buy food for pennies on the dollar to be freely distributed to those who would otherwise go hungry. We want to help them buy $1 million dollars worth of food."
- Lift Foundation
"Our Lady Lions did a great job helping sort and stock the merchandise for the store. It was great to see our players contributing to such a wonderful organization, and we look forward to doing it again."
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Our mission is to help those in every walk of life. Our community is driving force behind what we do.

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At the Mercy Warehouse, our hope is to give those we serve a place to feel welcomed.

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We currently feed over 1,000 people every week through our local food bank in Laguna Niguel.

Let's see what we can do together.

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